June 2019

Workshop in Bio-Inspired Bio-Geotechtonics

The Center for Biomediated and Bio-Inspired Geotechtonics will hold an NSF sponsored workshop to define this field of inquiry.  This conference is expected to include experts in bio-inspired design, geotechtonics and industry hoping to develop innovative, sustainable and biologically based technology for civil infrastructure. 

September 2019

The International Society of Bionic Engineering announces the 6th International Conference of Bionic Engineering (ICBE2019) will be held in Changchun, China, September 10-13, 2019. The conference will be sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

 The theme of ICBE2019 is Higher, Holier, Healthier, which is geared towards exploring new ideas and accomplishments for the practice of bio-inspired design and manufacture, while offering innovative solutions.  Selected papers will be recommended to the Journal of Bionic Engineering

Please visit the conference website for more detailed information. 

June 2020

The joint 2020 International Workshop on Bionic Engineering (IWBE 2020) and the 4th International Workshop on Biorobotics & Bioengineering will be held in Manchester, UK, June 10-12, 2020.  The focus for this meeting is Biorobotics and Bionic Healthcare Engineering. Topics include bio-inspired materials, surfaces and machinery, biologically-inspired sensing, actuation and computation, and bioinspired health care technology. 

Abstract deadline is February 1, 2020

Further information on this event is here


The University of Akron Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center has issued calls for applications for several Biomimicry Fellowships (industrial graduate assistantships). Sponsor-specific recruiting profiles are accessible here.

Center for Biologically Inspired Design
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