2011 CBID Seminar Series, sponsored by Perkins+Will

Dr. Julian Vincent, March 17, 2011, 3:00 pm, IBB Suddath Seminar room

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Dr. Julian Vincent

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Bath, England

March 17, 2011, 3:00 pm
IBB Suddath Seminar room

New biomaterials inspired by mature's process of problem solving

Abstract: Biomimetics is the abstraction from, and application of, good design from biological systems. I shall briefly describe 3 examples from my own work and that of colleagues (woodpecker hammer, wasp ovipositor drill, wood analogue), and discuss some of the fairy tales. I shall then develop ways to compare biology and technology at a more abstract level, and show how one can derive basic design rules that can be applied to objects and processes which have no obvious biological connection. The underlying arguments are derived from the Russian problem solving system TRIZ (also known as TIPS).   Interview with Susana Soares |flyer as PDF
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biomimicry defined

Natural Capitalism

by Paul Hawken
& Amory and Hunter Lovins

Natural Capitalism

"Hawken (The Ecology of Commerce) and Amory and Hunter Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, an environmental think tank, have put together an ambitious, visionary monster of a book advocating natural capitalism." From Publishers Weekly

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...much of the human search for a coherent and fullfilling existence is intimately connected to our relationship with nature.

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