Cognitive Models and Computational Tools

Biologically inspired design engages cross-domain analogies between biological and technological systems since design principles useful to a technological problem must be derived from a similar problem in the biological world. We do not yet fully understand how expert and novice designers and biologists make these interdisciplinary analogies.  Thus, we conduct cognitive studies to understand the cognitive and social processes underlying biologically inspired design and design learning. The results of these studies are information-processing theories of analogies in biologically inspired design, methods for analyzing and modeling biological and technological systems, knowledge representations for capturing understanding of biological and technological systems, as well as interactive tools for supporting the practice and learning of biologically inspired design.
These computational theories, techniques, and tools have had a profound impact on the teaching and learning of biologically inspired design at Georgia Tech. 

Project 1

Computational Tools for Enhancing Creativity in Biologically Inspired Engineering Design | NSF Intelligent Information Systems | PI Ashok Goel leads a team of biologists, engineers, and computer scientists to develop human-centered computational tools to enhance innovation and creativity in BID. This effort will conduct cognitive studies and develop computational models of creative analogical reasoning in BID.

biomimicry defined

Shape and Structure: from Engineering to Nature

by Adrian Bejan

Bejan_Shape and Structure

Seemingly universal geometric forms unite the flow systems of engineering and nature. For example, tree-shaped flows can be seen in computers, lungs, dendritic crystals, urban street patterns, and communication links. In this groundbreaking book, Adrian Bejan considers the design and optimization of engineered systems and discovers a deterministic principle of the generation of geometric form in natural systems.

human plus nature

It is time to invent moral reasoning of a new and more powerful kind, to look to the very roots of motivation and understand why, in what circumstances and on which occasions we cherish and protect life.... We are human in good part because of the particular way we affiliate with other organisms.... they offer the challenge and freedom innately sought.

E.O. Wilson
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CBID is an interdisciplinary center for research and development of design solutions that occur in biological processes. Founded in 2005, It is one of more than 100 interdisciplinary research units funded at Georgia Institute of Technology